Chuck Dixon & Tight Lip Entertainment Bring "Tales Of The Spooky" To Life

Official Press Release

Legendary scribe Chuck Dixon (Batman, Punisher, Robin, Conan) weaves three pivotal stories in next month's Tales of The Spooky as told by Wheezy, a TightLip Entertainment property.

Yes folks, you read that right. Chuck Dixon has lent TLE his amazing storytelling powers, joining a host of other fabulous creators to bring you Tales of The Spooky, a comic property about a real life haunted house in New York.

Entering the house through the cellar, a steering wheel looks out of place on display but this one holds a story...

Take a ride with Chuck in "Back Seat Terror" with art by Enrique Villagran (Robin) and find out what happens when greed fuels you.

Then take a look at the collection of dolls housed at The Spooky, as the tale of "The Dolls" unfolds in front of you with art by Silvestre showing you why you should never take a child's toy away.

And finally Chuck Dixon takes us to the attic of the macabre property to have artist Quique Alcatena (Batman, Conan) illustrate the reason you might not want to explain strange sounds away so easily in "The Creeps".

All these and more from Tales of The Spooky! Stay tuned for news of more exciting creators and samples in the coming days.

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