Chuck Dixon Shares Art From Abandoned Schwarzenegger-starring "Governator" Comic

Back in early 2011, it was announced that Stan Lee would have a hand in developing a comic based on Arnold Schwarzenegger for an imprint of Archie Comics. The superhero comic, titled "The Governator," was revealed via Entertainment Weekly, which also featured art of a mock EW cover featuring The Governator himself. The comic would focus on Schwarzenegger's transition from being governor of California to being a full-fledged superhero, with a lair called the Arnold Cave and everything. His wife and kids would have even been supporting characters in the comic. The project was put on indefinite hold a few months later when it was revealed that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child a decade prior with a member of his household staff.

Now, almost five years after "The Governator" comic was called off, writer Chuck Dixon has revealed never before seen concept art at the comic that almost was. On his personal blog, The Dixonverse, the writer notes that he had completed three scripts for the series and that "most of the first issue was drawn." The illustrations from an unnamed artist include characters studies and style guide art.

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