Chuck Dixon No Longer Working for DC Comics

Veteran comics writer Chuck Dixon announced on his official forum last night that he is no longer employed by DC Comics "in any capacity." The confirmation comes after Monday's news that Frank Tieri would be writing a two-issue story for the "Batman and the Outsiders," a title that Dixon was brought in to retool and write under similarly unexpected circumstances, following the exit of scribe Tony Bedard prior to the book's launch. Presently, it appears Dixon's final issue of "Batman and the Outsiders" is August's #10.

After a considerable absence from the publisher's more high profile titles and six years away from "Robin" itself, Chuck Dixon returned to DC Comics in 2007 to write the book he'd help bring to prominence with a hundred-issue run beginning in the 1990s. Solicitations indicate Dixon's work on "Robin" can be read at least until August's issue #177. At the moment, it is unknown who will be replacing Dixon on the book.

Beyond those works, Chuck Dixon is also slated to pen DC's "Booster Gold" #11 and "Storming Paradise" #2, both solicited for August, after which it appears �" pending the release of September's solicitations -- there will be no more Chuck Dixon work from DC Comics.

CBR News contacted Chuck Dixon, but the writer had no further comment at this time. DC Comics was also contacted, but a representative was unavailable at press time.

UPDATE: DC Comics has declined to comment on this story.

More on this as it develops.

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