Chuck Dixon joins CrossGen Staff

[Chuck Dixon]TAMPA, FL., September 10, 2001 - Award-winning veteran writer Chuck Dixon is the latest comic professional to join the Tampa based CrossGen Comics. Dixon makes the move from Pennsylvania where he currently writes Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Robin and others.

Since beginning his writing career in 1985, Dixon has written for every major publisher including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Bongo Comics. His stories have appeared in titles including Batman, Catwoman, Punisher, Superman/Aliens, Team 7, The Simpsons, and many more.

Dixon will arrive at the CrossGen facility in Tampa, March 1. As of this time the projects he will be working on are still undetermined.

"Chuck is a talent that we couldn't pass up," said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "He's a consummate professional that will fit perfectly into our studio system. He's a hard-working family man who can handle multiple titles and knows what it takes to be successful. That's the type of person we want on our winning team. When someone like this becomes available, you have to act. Right now we are unsure what he'll be writing, but when it is determined, you can bet it will be on par with the best stuff in comics."

While working in the CrossGen studio system will be new to him, Dixon is very familiar with the existing CrossGen creative staff. During his career he has worked with Greg Land, Drew Geraci, Butch Guice, Scot Eaton, and Ron Marz on previous projects.

"Coming to CrossGen is something of a homecoming," Dixon said. "I've worked with a bunch of the guys there before, but it'll be exciting to work with them face-to-face now instead of via the phone or email. My biggest concern is how I'll make fun of this press release on my web site. It's easy when it's someone else, but this time it's me!"

CrossGeneration Comics is based just outside of Tampa, Florida. Since their initial launch on May 24, 2000, CrossGen Comics has set unprecedented sales records for a new start-up comics publisher by debuting their first six releases on the comic book industry distributor's Top 100 sales list. Since then they have grown into the comic industry's fifth largest publisher. They have been awarded the Diamond Gem Awards for Comic Publisher of the Year (2000) Under 5% Market Share and New Publisher of the Year (2000). CrossGen Comics is unprecedented in that their entire line of comics is currently published in three foreign languages and in at least 11 foreign countries. Their unique and innovative approach to comic book publishing is sure to make them a company to watch out for well into the new millennium. The CrossGen comics, The First, Mystic, Sigil, Scion, Meridian, Crux, and Sojourn are available now in comic book specialty stores everywhere, with a different one on sale each Wednesday. Their next monthly title, Ruse, will be released October 31, 2001, followed by Negation on November 7, and The Path in February.

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