Chuck Dixon crosses the line with 'Sigil'

[Sigil #21]In September Chuck Dixon was announced as the latest addition to the CrossGen ranks joining Mark Waid, George Perez, Ron Marz and a large list of top comic talent now working for the company from their Tampa, Florida offices. While details of which books he'd be working on once he officially joined the company were not included in the original release, Dixon revealed a bit of CrossGen news for fans on his message board at the Dixonverse Web site.

Dixon spent most of last week and part of this week at the CrossGen offices learning what projects he'd be working on and getting acquainted with the working environment he'll soon be a part of.

"The first day [at CrossGen] I was approached about creating a new book, a heretofore undiscussed monthly in a genre I love," Dixon told fans on his message board. "Sorry, you gotta wait for more details."

After catching up with old friends over lunch and dinner, Dixon took part in the day to day activities of the CrossGen world.

"Attended a continuity meeting which had my head spinning. It's like the first day on any new job, EVERYTHING seems confusing. But I think I have a handle on it. Remember, I approach this as a creator not a reader. It's not enough to KNOW CG continuity I have to be ready to PLAY with it.

"Actually did some writing for CG while I was down there and got my first schedules. I'm going to be writing SIGIL and the new book before I get down there."

Dixon also threw his weight behind the upcoming "Ruse" written by Mark Waid, calling it the "best work of Waid's career and that IS saying something."

In addition to the above news, Dixon detailed a strange occurrence that happened during his trip. Dixon decided to take the train to Florida instead of flying by air figuring there'd be lots of delays at airports. While train rides are usually uneventful, that wasn't quite the case for Dixon on his ride back home.

"...things got lively when DEA agents went from compartment to compartment asking for ID and asking questions. My answer to what I was doing in Tampa barely raised an eyebrow. These guys were COOL. Dressed as tourists with suspiciously heavy-looking fanny packs worn Wyatt Earp style. Strange times we live in."

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