Millar & Murphy's Chrononauts Movie Lands Screenwriter

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Universal Pictures has tabbed Philip Gawthorne to adapt Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy's Image Comics series "Chrononauts" for the big screen; Chris Morgan of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise will produce the film.

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Gawthorne's resume includes the screenplay for Vin Diesel's "Kojak" and scripting the Lionsgate remake of "Cube." The screenwriter is also co-writing "World Breaker" for Warner Bros.

In 2015 Millar gave CBR an update on the "Chrononauts" feature film.

"My friend over at Universal was really keen to get it up and running,” Millar explained. “He said that it would be great for two big actors, and we got the guys we wanted. He always wanted to work with these guys, and it’s something I never thought of working in comics, but if you have what they call a ‘double header’ — two big stars cast together — it’s such a cracking thing for your movie. It’s really quite rare to have a Butch and Sundance kind of thing where you get two huge guys in one film. So this is our big sci-fi franchise with that idea, and hopefully we’ll get a few movies out of it. It’d be cool. And so we got this writer who I’m friendly with who worked on the ‘Fast & The Furious’ movies called Chris Morgan. Chris worked on ‘Wanted’ with me, so I’ve known him since about 2006. It’s great to be working with him again, and I’m going to LA in a month to meet with him. We’re also going to have one of the actors meeting us in London soon. It’s great, because it’s two big actors who interestingly have each done a superhero movie before. They’re two fan-favorite guys, and one of them is the hottest guy in town at the moment."

"Chrononauts" is the story of best friends Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly who, with the help of their intellect and fun-loving attitudes, decide to become the world's first time travelers. Creators Millar and Murphy are both credited as executive producers on the project.

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