Chronicle Books to Distribute Drawn & Quarterly

Press Release

Anna Erickson, Manager of Distribution Client Services, announced today that San Francisco-based Chronicle Books has signed a distribution agreement with the Canadian graphic novel publisher, Drawn & Quarterly.

"It was clear that this was a unique opportunity," Erickson said. "D&Qshares many of Chronicle's values, including a commitment to high quality art and production standards, while publishing a group of cutting edge graphic novelists that we are eager to bring to a larger trade audience."

Jack Jensen, President and Publisher of Chronicle Books, welcomed the new alliance: "We are pleased to begin our association with Drawn & Quarterly. As the publishers of Griffin and Sabine we have a great affinity for illustrated fiction and are thrilled to be bringing D&Q's excellently crafted and critically renowned list to our customers."

Based in Montreal, Canada, Drawn & Quarterly was founded in 1990 bypublisher Chris Oliveros as a periodical comic book publisher. As D&Q'sartists began to work on longer stories and complete serialized stories, their growing body of content naturally lent itself to book formats. D&Q published its first graphic novel three years later and in the years since has gradually shifted its emphasis from periodical comics to books. In 2003 Drawn & Quarterly will publish nine to ten new books and 8 to 10 periodical comics.

Chronicle Books will sell and fulfill both Drawn & Quarterl's books andperiodicals to the book trade, specialty, and comic book markets. They will be ready to accept backorders beginning September 23, 2002, and plan to begin shipping books on October 7, 2002.

"I'm delighted with our new distribution agreement with Chronicle," said D&Q publisher Chris Oliveros. "I've long admired Chronicle's innovative and dynamic approach to publishing and they are one of the few companies I've looked up to as a model. As well, Chronicle's pioneering role in creating new markets for books in the past twenty years makes them ideally suited to the task of introducing Drawn & Quarterly's graphic novels to a whole new readership."

Founded in 1968, Chronicle Books publishes 300 new titles each year across its three divisions - Adult Trade, Children's, and Gift - in the subject areas of food, pop culture, art, architecture, interior design, gardening, and fiction. It also distributes the publishing programs of North-South Books, SeaStar Books, Night Sky Books, Innovative Kids, Handprint Books, Ragged Bears, Princeton Architectural Press, and Quirk Books.

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