Christos Gage, Ruth Fletcher Gage & Kris Anka Bring "Captain Marvel" to "Civil War II"

In July, writers Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage will officially join artist Kris Anka on "Captain Marvel" when Carol Danvers enters the fray in Marvel Comics' "Civil War II."

"We are big fans of what Kris [Anka] has been doing with ['Captain Marvel' writers] Tara [Butters] and Michelle [Fazekas], so we can't wait," Christos Gage told Marvel.com. "Kris has shown a strong ability to combine big spectacle with intimate character beats, and that'll be incredibly important for the 'Civil War II' storyline."

"For Carol, it would be a dereliction of duty to have this incredible resource [the Inhuman Ulysses] and not use it to save lives," Ruth Fletcher Gage explained. "How could you avoid the chance to prevent a bombing, or to save hundreds from an earthquake?"

"It's her job as a soldier and an Avenger to intervene in these things. And anyone trying to stop her is threatening the very lives she's trying to save," Christos Gage added.

"Carol will become a focal point of this conflict and controversy, and she'll be very much in the spotlight," Ruth Fletcher Gage revealed. "How she's viewed and how she handles it are at the core of the story."

"Civil War II" will revolve around a newly discovered Inhuman who appears to have the ability to predict the future, leading to a split between Marvel's heroes on whether or not that power should be used to stop future crime before it happens (Captain Marvel's side) or not (Iron Man's side).

"Civil War II" #0 is due from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel in May; the cover for that issue has been revealed. It's also known that the death of a major superhero will spur the events of "Civil War II." "Civil War II" #1, also written by Bendis and featuring the art from David Marquez, arrives in June.

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