Christopher Walken Is Zeus, And That's All You Need To Know

Christopher Walken is an institution, a cult icon. A god, of a sort, in some minds. How validating then that he's been cast as the god of gods himself, Greek deity Zeus, in the upcoming adaptation of Marie Phillips' novel Gods Behaving Badly. The story actually sounds a little like Bill Willingham's Fables: a gang of Greek gods living in a New York City brownstone gets caught up in the lives of a neighbor-couple, Kate and Neil. Problems ensue, as is often the case when higher powers meddle in the affairs of humanity.

Walken is the deal-sealer, but an interesting cast has come together around this one. Sharon Stone is Aphrodite, Oliver Platt is Apollo, Edie Falco is Artemis, Phylicia Rashad is Demeter, Nelsan Ellis (True Blood) is Dionysus, Gideon Glick is Eros, John Turturro is Hades, Henry Zebrowski is Hermes and Rosie Perez is Persephone. You've also got Alicia Silverstone and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as the probably-doomed couple, Kate and Neil. The film will be directed by Marc Turtletaub, who also adapted the novel with Josh Goldfaden.

Seriously, though, Walken and Turturro as Zeus and Hades in the same movie? I'm speechless.

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