Christopher Priest Helming New Vampirella Series

Deathstroke and Black Panther writer Christopher Priest is teaming with artist Ergün Gündüz on a new Vampirella series for Dynamite Entertainment.

Priest's first issue will appear on this year's Free Comic Book Day, which is Saturday, May 4, with Vampirella FCBD #0. The new series will then officially launch in July so as to coincide with the character's 50th anniversary and the 50th Comic-Con International in San Diego. That first issue will feature covers from Frank Cho, Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, Guillem March, Erica Fett and Adam Hughes in addition to a limited edition Sanjulian variant. DeathstrokeBatman and Justice League veteran Willie Schubert will letter the comic.

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"This version of Vampirella is set in the real world, as real as I'm allowed to make it,"  Priest said in Dynamite Entertainment's press release. "What if an alien from another planet were stranded here? What if that alien looked like one of the Kardashians and wore barely any clothing at all? And had fangs, drank blood and sprouted bat wings? We'd assume she was a vampire. But she's not a creature of occult origins. She's a Martian who's now stuck here with us idiots who stereotype her as this THING because she looks and functions a certain way. That would seem to be an allegory for how we treat each other; for racism, xenophobia, homophobia and religious persecution."

"Priest's powerful storytelling pierced through my heart like a stake," Gündüz added. "The story is so thrilling and delightful that I've set my hand free, it's drawing by itself. Neither I nor readers can have enough of this Vampirella."

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"This is a truly historic moment for Vampirella and Dynamite as each celebrates a landmark anniversary year in 2019! I have wanted to work with Christopher Priest forever and we had talked about it for years, but with his workload he couldn't commit to a project. Finally, knowing that to get him I had to talk to him face to face, I drove up to see him at Terrificon, and basically said 'this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to write the new Vampirella series for her 50th Anniversary. Give it some thought on your flight home. You're either in or out, and I hope you're in. I know you'll do her justice' and thankfully, he said yes," said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. "Everyone knows, and if they don't they should know, that Christopher is one of the most brilliant writers in the industry, and it's a pleasure to treat fans to his inspired take on Vampirella. His story is fresh and inspired and he is taking her to places she's never been. Priest's body of work will stand the test of time like few others. I cannot think of many artists who can complement Priest's scripts as well as Ergün does with his incredible execution. It truly is an honor to be working with these talented creators - a high water mark in my career."

Created by Forrest J Ackerman, Trina Robbins, Frank Frazetta and Tom Sutton, Vampirella first appeared in 1969.

Vampirella #1 by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz will release in July.

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