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Christopher Nolan Will Head “Superman” Film

by  in Movie News, TV News Comment
Christopher Nolan Will Head “Superman” Film

The mild-mannered internet rumors surrounding director Christopher Nolan have stepped out of the proverbial phone booth to save the day for America’s first superhero.

After rumors swirled last month that the man behind the lens of blockbuster hits “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” would next shepherd the Superman franchise back to screen glory, The LA Times has an interview with Nolan confirming that he will in fact serve as “godfather” to the Man of Steel’s film adventures at Warner Brothers with the first installment coming from the pen of David S. Goyer.

“A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that’s what I know how to do,” Nolan explained to the paper, making it clear that the new Superman franchise would not take place in the same world as his Batman films but would allow Clark Kent to exist on his own as the only superhero of earth.

Specific words on story and creative staff for the film were held close to the vest by Nolan in the interview, including word of whether or not his brother Jonathan would direct. For now, Christopher Nolan is focused very much on finishing his next film, the mind-bending action flick “Inception” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. However, Nolan did say that like his own take for “Batman Begins,” he hoped to pack his Superman film with as many top notch actors as possible much like the original Richard Donner “Superman: The Movie.”

“I went to the studio with the analogy of ‘I want to cast the way they did in 1978 with ‘Superman,’ where they had Brando and Glenn Ford and Ned Beatty and all these fantastic actors in even small parts, which was an exotic idea for a superhero movie at the time,” he said. “It really paid off, too. As a kid watching ‘Superman’ it seemed enormous and I realized later by looking at it that a lot of that was actually the casting, just having these incredibly talented people and these characterizations. And Marlon Brando is the first guy up playing Superman’s dad. It’s incredible.”

While Nolan did speak well of Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns,” he made it clear this new take would be a completely fresh take not connected to any previous films and may not be called “The Man of Steel” as some have surmised.

Read the full interview here, and check back to CBR in the weeks ahead for more news on the future of Superman.

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