Christopher Nolan to Tackle Time, Space and More As 'Wired' Guest Editor

Wired Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich has revealed that Christopher Nolan will serve as special guest editor of the December issue of the long-running magazine.

He praised Nolan in an announcement on Wired.com, writing, "Christopher Nolan is a master storyteller. His movies deploy plot, theme, and character with a finesse few other directors in Hollywood are capable of."

Instead of focusing on Nolan's new film Interstellar, Dadich explained that the December issue will pull elements from the director's entire body of work. "We wanted to give him license to create a magazine version of the kind of rich, detailed, and complex worlds he builds for his films," he wrote. "We wanted something that would reward scrutiny and attention to detail."

With that in mind, Dadich unveiled the themes that will hold the upcoming issue together: time, space and multiple dimensions. While the announcement piece steered clear of spoiling exactly how those themes would interact with the magazine's typical format and structure, Dadich did reveal that next week would be Christopher Nolan Week on Wired.com, and promised readers "some truly mind-warping stories."

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