Christopher Nolan To Head "Superman" Reboot?

The movie gossip site Deadline Hollywood Daily may need to change its name to Deadline Comic Book Daily with all the digital ink its spent on superheroes over recent weeks. Today, the site reports the as yet unconfirmed word that Warner Brothers Pictures has tapped acclaimed director Christopher Nolan to head up the studio's impending relaunch of the Superman franchise. While Nolan most likely won't direct a new film starring the Man of Steel, the director will oversee the creative decisions behind a rebooted franchise, which was at one point said to be a much darker take on DC Comics first superhero.

While it made its money back and then some at the box office, 2006's Bryan Singer update "Superman Returns" went over lukewarm with comic fans, necessitating a new direction for future films. However, for years the question has been asked aloud by the movie's supporters of whether star Brandon Routh would get a second chance to don the blue tights. No word seems official either way right now on the casting front or on other key creative decisions such as who will write or direct the film.

What is known is that Superman as a piece of intellectual property is involved in ongoing litigation between Warners and the heirs to the characters creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster with the family's attorney Marc Toberoff asserting in the Deadline report that by 2013, the original copyright will revert to the families, necessitating the studio to option rights for new films. It was also noted that if Warners doesn't greenlight a new Superman movie by 2011, they risk losing more money without involving the family in negotiations.

One last bit of relevant rumor reported involves the future of the Batman film brand with word that Nolan has cooked up an idea for a third film in his Dark Knight run, a script for which is potentially in the works from brother Jonathan Nolan and recently departed from television writer David S. Goyer.

Look for more word on the future of Superman on film as it becomes available, right here on CBR.

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