Toxic Fandom 'Cured' Christopher McQuarrie's Desire to Make a Star Wars Film

Christopher McQuarrie Star Wars

Director Christopher McQuarrie admits he no longer wants to make a Star Wars movie because of some of the franchise's more virulent fans. The writer of The Usual Suspects and director of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and its upcoming sequel, McQuarrie stepped in to help with the reshoots of Rogue One, but he's unlikely to return to a galaxy far, far away in a larger role.

Lucasfilm's plans for Star Wars include a new trilogy overseen by Rian Johnson, a television series developed by Jon Favreau, and additional films from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

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Although McQuarrie doesn't reveal whether he was offered a Star Wars movie, he wrote that he was "cured" of wanting to make one after experiencing "five minutes" of what Johnson, the writer/director of The Last Jedi, regularly undergoes on Twitter.

Not stopping with Star Wars, McQuarrie extended his lack of interest to the blockbuster world of superhero movies. Although McQuarrie has an uncredited tie as a writer on both Bryan Singer's X-Men and James Mangold's The Wolverine, it seems that it is enough for now.

McQuarrie previously hinted to CinePOP that he would helm the long-awaited Man of Steel 2 if asked by Mission: Impossible - Fallout star Henry Cavill. That appears to have changed, and it now looks like McQuarrie will stick to action movies.

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Even more than superhero movie aficionados, Star Wars fans are notoriously protective of the movies. From Jar Jar Binks to scrubbing The Last Jedi from canon, the fan response can be sometimes brutal. Even the actors themselves aren't safe, with The Last Jedi's Kellie Marie Tran recently deleting social media posts over harassment.

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