Christopher Lloyd Enters The <i>Fringe</i>

Doctors Emmett Brown and Walter Bishop, together at last? Great Scott, that's a winning combination!

No, Christopher Lloyd isn't reprising his time-traveling scientist role from the Back to the Future trilogy, but he is reentering the world of science fiction in another awesome way: with a guest starring role on Fox's critically acclaimed Fringe. TV Guide Magazine reports the news straight from the Vancouver set of Fringe, saying that Lloyd is coming aboard to play an iconic musician that Walter idolized in his youth.

"We all know how much Walter loves music, right? Well this fellow was one of his icons," Fringe star John Noble said of Lloyd's character. "He adored this man. So Walter gets to be a bit of a fanboy."

Lloyd appears in the tenth episode of Fringe's currently shooting third season, with filming on that episode set to commence next week.

"It's a beautiful role and such good casting," added Noble. "When I read the script I thought 'I hope they get someone great.' And Christopher Lloyd exceeds my expectations!"

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