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Christopher E. Long Previews the Final Issue of IDW’s “Easy Way”

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Christopher E. Long Previews the Final Issue of IDW’s “Easy Way”

[NOTE: The following article is intended for an adult audience and for entertainment purposes. CBR does not recommend that anyone take any form of illegal drugs or do any of the activities discussed in this article.]

Back in January CBR News spoke with writer Christopher E. Long about his new IDW mini-series “Easy Way.” With the fourth issue set to hit stands on July 27th, we hit Long up for a six-page preview as well as quick synopsis of this final issue, but what he gave us was much more. Without any further delay, we’ll hand this over to Chris.

by Christopher E. Long

“Easy Way” #4

All Art by Andy Kuhn.

This is it! The last issue of the four-issue miniseries “Easy Way,” released by IDW Publishing, will hit the stands on July 27.

As the fourth issue begins, Duncan is forced to clean up the mess he’s created. The lives of those he loves are on the line, and for the first time in his life, he decides not to take the easy way out … but it might just be the last thing he ever does!

To recap: In a desperate ploy to score some quick cash, Duncan and his roommates from rehab conceive a heist that involves a drug-sniffing dog, a storage unit filled with dope, and a lack of foresight to even think something could go wrong. When combined with Marcus and Nugget, psychopathic drug traffickers, this crime caper has all the ingredients to cook up a big, steaming plate of disaster!

Speaking of disastrous recipes, since the article published at Comic Book Resources a few months back about my experience writing “Easy Way” while in a drug and alcohol treatment facility, I’ve been asked what drugs I did to land me in rehab. Well, in a word … everything. If you could smoke, snort, or swallow it, I’d probably done it.

In an effort to demonstrate how far down drug addition can take someone, I’m going to give my recipes that I used while I was “researching” Easy Way. (Disclaimer: Do not try this at home! Many brains cells were lost and tears shed to bring you this information.)

G.H.B. Cocktail

1 to 2 caps of G.H.B.

1 Gatorade

1 Chastity belt

I recommend buying Gatorade Lemon Ice, because it’s colorless, so if you vomit it won’t stain your clothes. You mix 1 to 2 water bottle-sized caps of G.H.B. into the Gatorade, shake it thoroughly, and drink. After consuming the beverage, immediately attach the chastity belt securely around your waist and lock it. They don’t call G.H.B the “date-rape drug” for nothing — blackouts can last up to four hours (I’ve heard death can last longer). I do not recommend leaving your house or apartment.

Soma/Tylenol 3 Buffet

3 Soma

3 Tylenol 3

1 Pint of vodka

The muscle relaxer Soma, or carisoprodol, when mixed with Tylenol 3 with hydrocodone, provides a feeling of euphoria that is stronger than the parts alone. Mix equal parts of Soma and Tylenol 3. If the desired effect is not felt within an hour, guzzle the pint of vodka and pray you don’t overdose.

Long’s Breakfast from 2000-2001

5 Vicodin ES 750

1 40oz. Budweiser

1 Bindle of cocaine

1 Local newspaper

1 Red pen

Wake up at 7 a.m. Pretend to be asleep until the wife leaves for work. Get out of bed and pull your stash of Vicodin and cocaine out from you secret hiding place. Swallow the five Vicodin ES 750s dry and immediately walk to the corner liquor store. Purchase a 40 oz. bottle of Budweiser and a local newspaper. Walk home. Lay out the classified section of the newspaper on the coffee table in front of the television. Drink the beer quickly so it doesn’t get warm. Wait a half hour. When the feeling of euphoria washes over you, go get a red pen and beginning circling jobs that you can tell your wife that you applied for. Once done, watch television until you start getting tired. Break out the bindle of cocaine and do a line to wake up so you can continue watching television for the rest of the day.

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