Christmas Ham: 12/25/09

Or Hanukkah Something-Kosher to our Jewish readers out there, like Stan Lee, who surely reads this blog every day on his Blackberry. Hi, Stan!

Yes, you've all been good little fanboys and girls, so here's a quick Sunday-Brunch-esque Holiday Treat, in which I throw a stocking full of recent and interesting links at you.

QUESTION OF THE SEASON: Best Christmas-slash-holiday-season-themed comic you've read?

ITEM! Stan Lee reads The Night Before Christmas. Heartwarming-- or terrifying? U-Decide!

ITEM! Tucker Stone tells it like it is in re: fan entitlement:

DC's and Marvel's business strategies for the last twenty years (and this decade especially) have been focused on maximizing the amount of money that they can make off their most committed audience members. That's not a theory. And when those companies decide to make a move towards rectifying that, or when there's a perception that that feeling might be the motivating force behind a new product or a product change, a portion of the loyal audience seems to take it as a personal attack, albeit a veiled one.

ITEM! The Comics Journal shares a conversation between Matt Fraction and Denny O'Neil, and it's fascinating. And yes, I'm going to dredge this old chestnut back up:

Fraction: I think that continuity’s the devil. [O'Neil laughs.] I’m a fan of consistency — I think consistency is the watchword. Continuity? I mean, I’ve been reading comics for 30 years now, my parents have been reading comics as long as I’ve been writing them professionally and any time I’m in sticky territory where I’m not sure my folks are going to be able to follow what’s going on, it’s like a little red flag goes up. So, I try to make things as accessible as humanly possible and as consistent with the history and the continuity. But continuity-heavy stuff — and I write [Uncanny] X-Men, I am in a continuity minefield many days of the week and I try to avoid that exclusionary approach, even when you’re wrapped up in these big crossover events or when the currents of the macro-narrative are flowing in a certain direction, I still think there are ways that you can write and be as accessible as possible to somebody.

ITEM! Kate Beaton gets into the Christmas comicking spirit as only she can:

ITEM! Friend of CSBG Bry Kotyk draws himself up a Christmas comic as well, the newest in his sporadic Welcome to Hereafter series. He's like the male Kate Beaton! Almost not really!

ITEM! Chris Sims has placed a newborn Solomon Stone Christmas Special babe in the manger, and it's somewhere between Die Hard and Gremlins on the awesome-Christmas-dealy scale. In this one, Solomon fights Atnas, the Anti-Santa.

ITEM! Neill Cameron, he of the A-Z of Awesomeness, has bestowed upon the world the Advent Calendar of Awesomeness. So Merry Christmas from Reanimated Kill-Bot Hello Kitty Revenge Santa and friends:

SHAMELESS PLUG DEPT: I'm sort of updating my own blog again, and writing about movies I watch and stuff. Visit and bump my audience up to the double digits! I'm sure my attention span on this project will hold for at least two weeks.

That's all for this holiday! Now make sure to watch the Doctor Who Christmas and New Year's Specials, and, uh, I guess talk to your families or something.

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