Christina Z to write "Bloodrayne"

Official Press Release

BAYVILLE, NJ -- The first ever female to be rated as one of the "Top 10 Comic Writers" by Wizard Magazine is lending her skills to the BloodRayne comic book series (based on the popular video game by Majesco) published by Echo 3 Worldwide, LLC - under the Digital Webbing imprint line.

Best known as the writer of Witchblade for Top Cow Productions from 1995-2000, Christina Z. has also written for The Darkness, Ripclaw, Tales of the Witchblade and Destiny's Child - all from Top Cow. She also penned Master Darque from Acclaim Entertainment and Tigra for Marvel Entertainment.

In BLOODRAYNE: SEEDS OF SIN, she delves into the origin of The Brimstone Society and Rayne's mission this time out is to kill Prince Sononis, head vampire of the Greek clan known as PAPIDAKIS...but it might be harder than Rayne thinks when Sononis enthralls her. The second one-shot will ship in March 2005. It will be available to order in the January Previews catalog from Diamond...the catalog will be in stores end of December.

"It's a real pleasure to be developing a character like BloodRayne. She's just not the typical bad-girl. She's smart, sexy, and I intend to play further with her ferocity bucking up against her morals and values.," explains Christina Z. "As a Damphir, she has more issues to deal with than a simple vampire alone. On top of that, I intend to put her through some incredible fights with mythical creatures as well as breaking her heart two times in one book. It's heavy but it's something we can all relate to."

BLOODRAYNE: SEEDS OF SIN also features artwork by newcomer, Kody Chamberlain. Kody is the artist on IDW's 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales. He is also the artist the Steve Niles' story Sherman Danger appearing in the October issue of Digital Webbing Presents (#19).

"When I saw Kody's art, I knew he was the one for this book.," says Z. "His style gave me the fluid, yet chaotic vibe that Bill Sienkiewicz's work always gives me. It's dark and expressive. I believe the book will be one of those you can just take off the shelf on a rainy day and get lost in all over again. "

Echo 3's President, Steven O'Connell sees the addition of Christina Z. as a defining moment for the BloodRayne comic book line. "Z. is the perfect fit for this book," explains O'Connell. "Being a woman, she can clearly write from a perspective most male writers will never find. To me, she's the finest comic book writer of her generation…one who truly has passion for the character of BloodRayne."

About Echo 3 Worldwide

The brainchild of Writer/Producer/Director, Steven O'Connell, Echo 3 Worldwide was conceived as a vehicle for acquiring the rights to video games that O'Connell felt would translate well to comics. BloodRayne is the first of many projects to come from Echo 3. Plans call for BloodRayne one-shots to be published every quarter starting December 2004. Echo 3 Worldwide can be found on the web at http://echo3worldwide.com


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