Christian Dery Acquires Dreamwave

Official Press Release

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(Quebec City, Canada) – Entrepreneur Christian Dery has acquired Dreamwave Productions' intellectual assets and inventory in an auction conducted on August 2, 2005.

In addition to securing the Dreamwave name and logo, Mr. Dery has also obtained all rights to the studio owned titles "Warlands," "Neon Cyber," "Shidima," "Echo," "Fate of the Blade," "Garden of Blades," "Limbo City," "Arkanium," "Necrowar," "Dark Minds," "Capsoul," and "Sandscape."

"I've been planning to get into the comic book business for some time now, and the opportunity to start with a catalogue of such strong existing titles was too good to pass up," said Mr. Dery. "The comic book industry is very exciting right now with a growing, global market and a number of concepts and characters branching out into other media. Dreamwave's properties attracted me largely because of their universal appeal. I strongly feel that books like Warlands, Dark Minds, and the rest, can transcend the traditional comic book market and reach a world wide audience if we approach them with a renewed focus on excellent, versatile stories and lush, eye-popping art. Which is exactly what we intend to do."

Further details about Dreamwave's re-launch will be made available in the coming weeks. All inquiries should be sent to info@dreamwave.ca
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