Chris Samnee's domestic bliss

Most of the world knows Harvey award nominee Chris Samnee as the artist for Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale,, Capote in Kansas and soon Captain America and Bucky, as well as his contributions to the Comic Twart sketchblog, but here's something you might not now—he leaves cute little cartoon notes for his wife all the time, and she posts them in a blog called lunch notes. It's like a sketchblog with the Samnee's domestic life as the topic. They have a baby on the way, so many of the cartoons focus on that, and their cat also makes some guest appearances. The cartoons are warm and funny but not mushy, and the easy linework shows what a good draftsman Chris is, even when he's dashing off a casual sketch.

(via iFanboy)

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