Chris Pratt to Star in Bootlegging Movie 'The Real McCoy'

Chris Pratt will star in the Universal Pictures bootlegging action-adventure "The Real McCoy."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio emerged victorious in a bidding war with Warner Bros. for the pitch from screenwriter Bill Dubuque ("The Judge").

The film centers on William "Bill" McCoy, a boat builder and sea captain who became a rum runner during Prohibition after he and his brother fell on hard times. Smuggling whiskey from the Bahamas to the East Coast of the United States, McCoy prided himself in never paying protection money to organized crime, politicians or law enforcement. He also earned a reputation for selling uncut alcohol, frequently -- if likely inaccurately -- cited as the origin of the phrase "the real McCoy."

Pratt, who proved himself a leading man in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," will next be seen in "Jurassic World."

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