Chris Pratt in Talks to Star in Paramount's The Saint Reboot

As the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy is delayed indefinitely, series star Chris Pratt has some time on his hands, which he might just fill with Paramount's upcoming reboot of The Saint.

According to Deadline, Pratt is in talks to play Simon Templar in the upcoming reboot of The Saint, which is based on Leslie Charteris' popular series of books starring the character.

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Charteris' books have seen a number of adaptations. Of particular note is the 1960s UK television series starring Roger Moore, who formerly played James Bond. The show's success eventually brought the title to the United States, where it aired on NBC. Templar, who some see as a vigilante, was named "The Saint" because of a calling card he would leave at crime scenes showing a stick figure with a halo over its head.

Many will remember The Saint for the 1997 movie starring Val Kilmer, who agreed to the role after turning down an opportunity to return as Batman. That movie took a more modern approach to the character, embracing a more heist-driven narrative, with Templar using the names of saints to hide his true identity. The Saint currently holds an underwhelming 28 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Pratt, also the star of the new Jurassic Park series, had another potential project delayed indefinitely in Cowboy Ninja Viking, so between that and Guardians facing cloudy futures, we'll see if he jumps at an opportunity to take on a new character in a lead role. The talks are reportedly in the very early stages, and the film does not have a release date.

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