Chris Pratt Turns a Rocket Raccoon Selfie Into ... Something Dirty

The conversation on Twitter took an unexpected turn when Chadwick Boseman, star of Marvel's Black Panther, posted a photo of himself posing with a life-sized Rocket Raccoon doll. "He kept asking for a selfie," the actor wrote, and instructed Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt to "Come get your boy."

Pratt, whose character Star-Lord has spent plenty of time learning to coexist with Rocket, was quick to play along, replying, "Dude!!! Watch his paws! On Rocket's home planet a 'selfie' means something completely different."

Fans are now left to wonder exactly what a selfie means to Rocket, and where his paws will be going if Boseman isn't careful. Rocket is known more for his light fingers and penchant for violence than for a dirty mind, but that doesn't rule out something suggestive in Pratt's tweet.

There's also a question about Rocket's home planet, which hasn't been revealed in the movies. Pratt may know something fans don't, although he may also simply be assuming that Rocket can't be an Earth raccoon despite his resemblance to one.

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Although Pratt and Boseman both appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, their characters have not yet met, as Pratt's Peter Quill didn't reach Earth during the movie, and Boseman's T'Challa remained in his home country, the fictional Wakanda. Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper, with motion capture performed by Sean Gunn) did fight alongside T'Challa's forces, although the two characters haven't interacted on screen.

Star-Lord, T'Challa and Rocket will return next year in Avengers 4, so Rocket might have another chance to take selfies with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But T'Challa better keep an eye on his paws.

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