Chris Onstad debuts 'Achewood' animated clip, reveals TV hopes

Achewood cartoonist Chris Onstad is ready to take the next step with his insanely popular webcomic -- clear to Hollywood. To that end, he's debuted a 19-second clip showing Ray, Roast Beef and the others in animated form, the first step in what he hopes is the path to television.

"I’ve been working with a team of artists, engineers, and producers to bring Achewood to life," Onstad wrote Sunday on his blog. "To give it the voices, richness, and opportunities it never had as a comic strip. [...] I’m flying to Los Angeles today to begin a week of network pitch meetings. If things go well, we’ll find a home for our show. Please cross your fingers for us, send us your good energy. And please, share this clip with your world. I’m very proud of what we’ve done."

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