Chris Hemsworth May Suit Up For Sony's Men in Black Spinoff

Chris Hemsworth might be best known to moviegoers as Thor, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's god of thunder and a member of the alien race called Asgardians, but if recent reports are true Hemsworth might be moving on from his role as the Avengers’ representative alien to a very different one -- policing aliens in an upcoming Men in Black spinoff.

Word of a potential Men in Black revival trilogy from Sony has been circulating since 2015, which included rumors of a 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover movie. Last year, the studio finally set a summer date for a spinoff film, bringing in Fast and Furious director F. Gary Gray to helm the project.

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According to Variety, Hemsworth is in early talks to play an agent in the spinoff film that will not see Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as Agent J and Agent K, respectively. The film is still considered by the studio to be a launching point for a new franchise, though little else is known about the overall plot at this time.

The original Men in Black introduced audiences to a clandestine organization tasked with keeping the presence of aliens on Earth a secret from the general public, while also policing that same population. The two subsequent films expanded on that concept, introducing threats from within and without the organization.

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