Chris Giarrusso's "G-Man" coming from Image in December

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ORANGE, CA -- 7 September, 2004 -- Fans will recognize writer/artist ChrisGiarrusso's signature style from his popular work on Marvel Comics' BULLPENBITS comic strips and MINI MARVELS books, where he turned Marvel's classiccharacters into wisecracking kids with hilarious results.

Now, Giarrusso is unleashing his very own kid superhero creations in G-MAN#1, coming in December from Image Comics. Like Giarrusso's Mini Marvelswork, G-MAN features the adventurous antics of little kid superheroes.Unlike the Mini Marvels, G-Man and his pals are not different versions ofalready established heroes.

"These guys are small," says Giarrusso. "But they aren't mini versions ofanybody else. Likewise, when they run into other established characters likethe Savage Dragon, it's the real Dragon, not a mini-Dragon."

G-MAN #1, Giarrusso's first creator-owned book, is a 64-page one shot andfeatures an all-new 34-page lead story revealing the origin of G-Man.

"The story basically introduces G-Man and his brother, shows how they gettheir powers and follows them on their very first adventure," explainsGiarrusso. "Of course, there'll be plenty of G-Man's super powered friendsalong for the ride."

Image Comics publisher Erik Larsen is an avowed fan of Giarrusso's work.G-Man and his pals have been appearing in COMICS BITS, a back up comic stripfeature in SAVAGE DRAGON, for the last few years.

"We're ALL big fans of Chris Giarrusso's around these parts. We ate upMini-Marvels and laughed like hell at Bullpen Bits!," says Larsen. "Havinghim come on over to Image Comics and create his OWN characters here is justterrific! The comic book field needs MORE books like G-Man that are suitablefor ALL AGES and entertaining for young and old! My kids love it--I loveit--and I'm pretty darned certain YOU'LL love it too! Ask for it byname--and tell your friends!"

GMAN #1 will also feature a collection of Giarrusso's COMIC BITS comicstrip. This book will be the perfect opportunity for fans to see whatthey've been missing from the fan-favorite Mini Marvels creator.

"It's a good jumping on point for new readers," points out Giarrusso."Because it's the first issue and everything is in it!"

Visit Giarrusso's website, www.chrisgcomics.com and chat with him in hisforum at http://www.comixfan.com/xfan/.

G-MAN #1 is a 64 page one-shot available for preorder in the OctoberPREVIEWS, and will go on sale in December.

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