Chris Giarrusso's G-Man Brings His "Cape Crisis" to Image

Official Press Release

G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS, an all-new mini-series by MINI-MARVELS' cartoonist Chris Giarrusso, brings back everyone's favorite kid friendly superhero to the Image Universe this August!

"Getting to work on G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS has been a long time coming," Giarrusso said. "I had a great time working on MINI-MARVELS while it lasted, but I've also had some G-MAN stories I've wanted to tell for a while. Short MINI-MARVELS back-up strips are always fun, but with G-MAN, I finally have the opportunity to tell brand new full-length feature stories in full comics. This is the most ambitious project I've ever worked on. Fans of the kid super hero stuff I did in MINI MARVELS will be sure to enjoy the all-new kid super hero stuff I'm doing in G-MAN. The writing style and art style are identical - it's the same writer and artist, after all! I'm having a blast, and I hope MINI MARVELS fans will take a chance and check it out."

G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS begins shortly after the ending to the upcoming G-MAN: LEARNING TO FLY digest, with pieces of G-MAN's magic cape falling into the wrong hands and things spinning out of control. G-MAN and his friends must battle to recover the pieces, but this time, the bad guys have the same powers as G-MAN! The five issue mini-series will shed a whole new light on the G-MAN universe with friends old and new coming to the fold for his biggest adventure yet.

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson added, "Chris' sense of humor and cartooning give G-MAN an appeal to both children and adults alike akin to Pixar's INCREDIBLES or WALL*E. We're very proud to have G-MAN as part of the Image Comics library."

G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #1, a 32-page full color comic book mini-series for $2.99, will be in-stores August 12th, 2009. G-MAN: LEARNING TO FLY (MAR092415), a 96-page full color digest-sized softcover for $9.99, will be in-stores May 20th, 2009.

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