Chris Giarrusso pays tribute to 20 years of Image Comics

Robert Kirkman and Chris Giarrusso's The Walking Dead For Kids may have been an April Fool's joke, but what isn't a joke is the fact that Giarrusso is creating 12 tribute variant covers for various Image titles this year as a part of their big 20th anniversary. First up is the way-to-Youngblood cover above, which will serve as a variant cover for Youngblood #71.

"Twenty years ago, I was eagerly anticipating the launch of Image Comics," said Giarrusso in a press release. "Maybe it was partially due to my upcoming high school graduation, but it felt like the whole world was changing. I vividly recall the excitement of seeing the Image books on the shelf for the first time. It was a new era, and these cover images were instantly iconic. The opportunity to pay tribute to these classic Image covers is an honor and a privilege, and I couldn't be more excited about my role and participation in Image's 20th anniversary celebration."

Check out the Walking Dead cover after the jump; no word yet on what other covers he's doing.

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