Chris Evans sings with his brother, Internet explodes from cuteness

If you thought "Captain America" star Chris Evans couldn't get any more adorable, you're about to be shown just how wrong you are.

His younger brother Scott Evans, an actor known for his work on "One Life to Live" and for his appearances with Chris on "The Tonight Show" and elsewhere, has posted a video of the two of them singing the James Taylor classic "Fire and Rain." What's more, Chris accompanies on piano, smiling sheepishly as each of them messes up.

Chris and I messing around over Memorial Day weekend," Scott explains on YouTube. "Unfortunately we had the giggles and couldn't make it through the whole thing without lau"ghing for here is just a tease. .. With some sung apologies to each other."

Spoilers: I'm pretty sure this is how Captain America: Civil War will be resolved, with a duet.

(via The Daily Dot)

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