Chris Evans Reacts to That Big "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1 Twist

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz's "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1.

Ever since it hit the shelves, Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz's "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1 has been a hot topic. In the controversial cliffhanger ending, the issue revealed that Steve Rogers had secretly been a Hydra agent all along -- and the twist took even "Captain America: Civil War" star Chris Evans by surprise.

"Captain America: Steve Rogers" Reveals Cap's Shocking [Spoiler]

Hydra?!?!? #sayitaintso

- Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) May 26, 2016

At the end of the issue, the team locates Baron Zemo, the former Hydra lead that's been on the run since the end of "Standoff." Cap tracks Zemo to Bagalia and intercepts the villain's plane, foiling his attempts to escape with his prisoner Erik Selvig. But during their mid-flight altercation, Jack Flag interrupts the skirmish and knocks Zemo out cold. Cap then repays Jack by shoving him out of the plane, seemingly to his death. He then turns to the bound and gagged Selvig and says, "Hail Hydra."

Of course, Steve Rogers was just returned to his youth by a Cosmic Cube -- a reality warping device that has, at times, been used for nefarious purposes. While this is definitely Steve Rogers, as Spencer said in an earlier interview, it's still possible that this is a different Steve Rogers than we've seen before.

Spencer and Saiz's "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1 is now on sale.

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