Chris Evans brings smile to young 'Captain America' fan with cancer

In between uncovering Hydra plots and facing homicidal robots, Captain America took time to surprise a 9-year-old fan who's embroiled in a battle of his own.

Kenny Botting, who underwent surgery in September for a brain tumor, has spent the past three weeks at Christopher's Haven in Boston, which provides a home away from home for young cancer patients and their families while they undergo treatment at nearby hospitals (Massachusetts General Hospital is just next door).

On Monday, Kenny was shocked to be greeted at Christopher's Haven by his big-screen idol, Chris Evans, who was born in Boston and raised in nearby Sudbury. As Boston's WBZ-TV reports, Kenny took photos with the Avengers star, who gave him autographs and gifts; Kenny in turn offered Evans a tour of the apartment he's sharing with his mother and sister, and even tied up the actor.

"Yes!" Kenny said with a laugh when asked about tying up Captain America.

Evans is no stranger to Christopher's House: He's actually in Boston to attend a fundraiser for the charity on Saturday at Fenway Park.

“It’s their strength that gives people like me strength," he told the CBS affiliate. "If there's any way you can bring a smile or just kind of give positive words of reinforcement -- encouragement -- it's worth it."

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