Chris Evans Launching Non-Partisan Political Website


For the decade Chris Evans has been playing Captain America, he's never been afraid to express his political beliefs and take action. Evans has now announced that he's starting a website called A Starting Point.

Evans sent a video invitation to members of Congress that ended up on Vimeo. He expressed his hope that A Starting Point would help provide a "one-stop shop for simple digestible information from people who know best." The site aims to provide non-partisan coverage and showcase "both the Democratic and Republican point of view on dozens of issues across the political landscape."

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The video includes interviews with both Democratic and Republican politicians. In the invitation, Evans makes a point to clarify that the purpose of the website is not to shape anyone's views but to provide insight into the views of others. He states, "It's not about my political opinion. This is about yours. This is a chance for you to talk about issues that matter to you."

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For months, Evans has been making his interactions with various politicians known, showcasing an active approach to politics while discreetly preparing A Starting Point. The actor has voiced his opinions pertaining to the current political situation, unafraid of backlash or criticism, since 2016. Evans has said that he has the support of Marvel Studios when it comes to expressing his political beliefs.

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