Chris Davis strikes Superman pose for 'Orioles Magazine'

A few weeks ago, I posted an item about baseball's reigning home run leader Chris Davis, aka "Crush" Davis, aka the Hulk, aka Thor. Despite being the ones that bestowed upon him the "Crush" moniker, however, the Baltimore Orioles seem determined to make Davis' visage and power synonymous with a different hero: Superman.

With the All-Star break fast approaching, Davis is not only heading into the middle of the 2013 season with 32 homers (a club record, and only one away from his previous season-high), he's also gracing the cover of this season's second issue of Orioles Magazine. For his photo shoot, the first baseman struck an iconic pose -- DC Comics is now referring to as #Clarkkenting -- tearing open his contract-signing outfit to proudly display the now familiar orange and black t-shirt given away to fans on Chris Davis appreciation night earlier this summer.

The magazine is available inside Oriole Park at Camden Yards for $5, or you can subscribe online for $25.

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