Chris Columbus Set to Produce Anne Rice's <i>Christ the Lord</i>

Despite the enduring popularity of Anne Rice's work,  only three of her novels have been translated to the big screen: Interview with the Vampire, Exit to Eden and The Queen of the Damned. Of those, only the first adaptation was a success.

So you'd think the complete Rice oeuvre would be ripe for the picking for Hollywood, beginning perhaps with The Vampire Chronicles or The Lives of the Mayfair Witches series. (Why bother with Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and The Secret Circle when you can go old-school, right?) Well, it turns out a producer is interested in one of the author's novels; unfortunately, however, it's not one of her "classics," but rather a newer book.

Variety reports that Chris Columbus' 1492 Pictures and CJ Entertainment have resurrected plans for an adaptation of Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, the 2005 novel penned by Rice during her brief return to Catholicism. Producer David Kirkpatrick abandoned a previous attempt at a film over creative differences.

The first book in Rice's Life of Christ series, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt tells the story of the 7-year-old Jesus, who leaves Egypt with his family to return to Nazareth, where he discovers the truth about his birth and his purpose in life.

Cyrus Nowrasteh, who was approached by Rice about the adaptation, will direct from a screenplay he wrote with Betsy Nowrasteh.

"I'm deliriously happy that Cyrus and Betsy Nowrasteh have written a beautiful script for it, and that Cyrus Nowrasteh will be directing and Chris Columbus and the 1492 Company producing," Rice wrote on her Facebook page.

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