Chris Columbus Discovers Superman?

Chris Columbus, the filmmaker responsible for helming the first two Harry Potter movies, is rumored to step behind the lens for Superman's next big screen voyage.

An alleged studio insider tells Superman Homepage that an offer has been made to Columbus to direct the Man of Steel's upcoming 3-D relaunch, set to debut in theaters in December 2012. The film comes from a script penned by Batman Begins writer David S. Goyer, who was rumored to be a contender to direct the film as well. According to the insider, however, Goyer is not being considered.

"David Goyer really wanted to direct but nobody from either studio think he's good in that arena," says the source. "He's great at coming up with story and ideas, like George Lucas. It's his execution where he's weak which is why people like Chris and Jonathan Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro have had the best results with his scripts."

With Comic-Con coming up in just a couple of short weeks, it's entirely possible that an official Superman announcement is coming soon.

Source: Superman Homepage

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