Chosen, Ghost Rider, Courtney Crumin and the Night Things, Superman Returns: September 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Faithful reader Matt W. wrote in to give the following EXCLUSIVE update. "I just got back from the Mark Millar signing at Midtown Comics. I overheard him talking to one of the other fanboys there about his book Chosen. Apparently a couple days ago a deal was signed, Chosen will be made into a movie with the director of the new Exorcism of Emily Rose movie attached [NOTE: Scott Derrickson]. Millar said part of his agreement was that he was going to write the movie as well. Not sure if these means the first draft or whatever, but thought I'd pass it to you before it breaks elsewhere." Thanks, Matt!


IESB talked to actor Nicolas Cage about his long hard ride for Marvel Entertainment. Cage said, "Well, he's a man who's just trying to take a negative and turn it into a positive like we all do, we have been talking about that here today together with 'The Weather Man,' trying to take movies and do something positive with any negative feelings that I have. Johnny Blaze is a superhero who had a very horrible thing happen to him and he's taking that negative and he's trying to make something positive out of it no matter what and that's, in that way I guess you can say I am like Ghost Rider."


According to Variety (subscription required), Fox 2000 and New Regency are teaming to produce a feature film adaptation of Ted Naifeh's comic book Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things, reports Variety. Graham Tallman will write the script. Stan Winston and Brian J. Gilbert are producing. Film Roman's Karen Davis is associate producer.


Superman-V makes a comeback with a interview with Brian K. Hilliard, founder and president of Evolution Effects Studios. " I was at Stan Winston Studio at the time and we were told that we were going to be working on a top-secret project, very hush, hush. Turns out that it was being called 'Fly By' and it was the new 'Superman' project. As far as the history of the project, yes, I knew that it had a torrid past. When we got the project, we were in an R and D phase of the project. We were given the opportunity to build a prototype suit, and if production liked what we did, we would have the opportunity to build all the suits for the show. Very different take, I cannot say too much about the design; but it was kinda' Tim Burton 'Batman' like ... the suit was foam-rubber latex. I say it looked like 'Batman' because of the way that it was designed (muscles, etc.). There was a suit sculpture created by the sculpting department of Stan Winston's; we then got the sculpture to mold and run the foam suits. We made a two-piece silicone matrix mold of the suit -- front and back. A matrix mold is basically a mold made of a sculpture in silicone, housed in a ridged 'jacket,' in our case, our jacket was fiberglass. We then cleaned the mold of all the clay and residue, prepped it for foam running, and ran a total of 4-5 suits I believe in foam rubber. These suits were turned over to our seaming department and then given to the painters to put the all important paint job on the suits."

In other news, the Superman Homepage reports that " Thomas Bond, the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in two Superman Serials alongside Kirk Alyn, passed away on Saturday aged 79 ... while Superman fans knew him best as Jimmy Olsen from the 1948 'Adventures of Superman' and 1950 'Atom Man Vs. Superman' serials, Tommy was probably best known for his role as 'Butch' in the Little Rascals serials of the 1940s."


Numerous tidbits on the Brett Ratner-helmed sequel, including an eBay auction of a collectible movie cannister that may reveal a new logo for the movie.

There's a small note in the aforementioned Brian Hilliard interview that he worked on the effects for a certain steely son of the Rodina.

Over at The X-Verse they're talking about Dante Spiniotti taking over from Philippe Rousselot as director of photography. The site also reports that the official movie site will launch in mid-October with a full release by late November. Finally they talk about a Stan Lee cameo in this third mutant minded movie.


Comics Continuum has an update on the hit animated series, with screen captures from upcoming episodes and Bruce Timm discussing the evolution of the animated Supergirl. "We'd been gradually 'maturing' Supergirl personality-wise throughout the course of the last two seasons of JLU, and thought maybe it was time to update her costume as well," said producer Bruce Timm. "We debated the pros and cons of it, the deciding factor being that her belly-tee/Doc Martens 'riot grrrl' outfit was very much of its time, and since it ain't the 90's no more, we should go ahead and give her some new threads. And then of course it became a question of 'If we DO change it, which way do we go? Something similar to her classic Silver Age look, something completely new, or what?' Right around this time, Michael Turner re-designed her costume for the comics, and I kinda liked what he did with it, combining the animated belly-tee look with Silver Age elements.I did some sketches along those lines, pinched Ed Benes' Black Canary hairdo and voila."


"FF" co-writer Mark Frost talked sequel with IESB. The site said, "He says he is currently in negotiations to pen 'Fantastic Four 2' and would love to come back again. He knows in which direction he wants the characters to head and plans to have all the Fantastic Four come back."


Time to get wet -- Kryptonsite has a first look for you, with the scan of the TV Guide photo showing the new Aquaman in action with some spoiler-esque details from the article. They also have the TV Guide description of this week's season premiere. Finally, you can find every single trailer for season five, all in glorious QuickTime, in one place at KryptonKnight.


Comics Continuum has an update complete with screen captures, on this weekend's new episode "A Fistful of Felt."


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