Choosing Sides: The "Captain America: Civil War" Trailer's Greatest Moments

The first trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" has arrived, and with it comes a lot of clarity as to how the Marvel Studios film is approaching a storyline that, in the comics, was filled to the brim with political overtones and complex moral issues.

"Captain America: Civil War" Unleashes First Footage With New Trailer

Rather than focus on the Superhero Registration Act -- though that does appear to be a major part of the plot -- the trailer makes it clear that at its core, the film will be about Steve Rogers defending his oldest friend and ally (Bucky Barnes) against a newer friend and teammate (Tony Stark). The all-too-short trailer is filled with the action and "Oh, shit!" moments fans have come to expect, but for every punch thrown, there's an emotional gut check as well. The touching opening exchange between Bucky and Steve, the devastating "So was I" from Tony to Steve -- there's no shortage of character moments in our first glimpse at Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Three New Posters Debut for "Captain America: Civil War"

That said, the action in the trailer was top notch, and worth revisiting (and again and again)! With that in mind, here are the CBR Editorial Staff's favorite moments from the first look at "Captain America: Civil War!"

Black Panther

T'challa has arrived, and he looks amazing! In less than 5 seconds of screentime, those who have no idea who he is are quickly shown that the Black Panther is on the same level as the heroes he's facing. Those who knew he was on his way are just left smiling at what they've witnessed.

Captain America & The Winter Soldier VS Iron Man

Again, the sequence we got was all too short, but wow -- if you were wondering how men without super powers or hi-tech armor could take on Tony Stark's suit, wonder no more. It's all about teamwork, as Cap and Bucky trade blows with Tony, tagging each other in and out by trading off the use of Cap's iconic shield.

The Sokovia Accords

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." viewers are already familiar with this document. Essentially the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of the Superpowers Registration Act, the Sokovia Accords have been discussed and debated a number of times on the ABC series, most typically with concerns to the growing Inhumans population. Looks like the government will be making its move in "Civil War," in an attempt to bring Cap, Bucky and the rest under its thumb. Or, perhaps it's more accurate to say under a reborn Hydra's thumb?

"Sometimes I Want To Punch You In Your Perfect Teeth"

The tension is palpable between Cap and Iron Man throughout the trailer, but it's still a whole lot of fun. While the battle between the two Avengers pals will obviously have an emotional impact on the characters, it's still important for the film to be just as fun as any other Marvel movie. And, as a number of scenes indicate, we'll get our expected dose of quips, with plenty of Tony Snark to go around.

William Hurt's Thunderbolt Ross Returns!

Not only is Thunderbolt Ross back in "Civil War," he's played by the brilliant William Hurt, reprising the role nearly eight years since he last played the antagonistic general in "The Incredible Hulk." It looks like Ross is one of Cap's major foes in the movie, and based on the trailer, it'll be exciting to see the Oscar-nominated actor bring a gravitas and dramatic weight to the film, apart from the movie's civil superhero conflict.

Action, Action, Action!

From the Winter Soldier's escape at the opening to the short clips interspersed throughout of Cap, Black Widow, Iron Man and the rest of the cast fighting each other, it's clear this is not a talking heads movie. While the trailer promises some amount of political wrangling and moral debate, it's the personal stakes and subsequent action that sells the sequel to viewers, and the first trailer has that in spades.

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