'Choose Your Own Adventure' Could Make Its Way to Theaters

In the 1970s, author Edward Packard had a revolutionary idea: Let kids actually interact with and influence their books. He started what would become the "Choose Your Own Adventure" line of youth-oriented novels, giving readers the chance to decide what would happen next based on a short list of options. After teaming with R.A. Montgomery, Packard's idea took off and wound up selling hundreds of millions of copies between 1979 and 1998.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox wants to get in on the CYOA action by turning the concept into a "four-quadrant action-adventure franchise," which basically means they want to appeal to all demos with the finished results.

What those results will look like remains to be seen. When Packard and Montgomery parted ways, they each took their respective stories and created new ventures, Chooseco Llc. and U-Ventures, respectively. Still, there's a wide variety of source materials to pick from spanning all kinds of genres, time periods and locations.

The real question, though, is how or if Fox plans on recreating the interactivity of the books. That functionality is what made the books wildly popular, so it stands to reason that it will somehow make its way to the screen. But, how do you give an entire theater's worth of people the chance to steer the story?

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