Choose a side (order) of 'Captain America: Civil War' ramen at this Japanese restaurant

If there's one thing Team Cap and Team Iron Man can unite on, it's these appetizing "Captain America: Civil War"-themed ramen dishes from a restaurant in Japan.

Marvel teamed up with Tokyo's Ippudo restaurant chain to offer specially-crafted "Civil War" ramen this weekend -- as part of a course meal for 4,500 yen ($42 USD) -- that serves up individual Team Cap and Team Iron man-inspired dishes, in addition to stamped seaweed, a Super-Soldier Serum Soda, crunchy "Winter Noodles," a Captain America panna cotta and an exclusive Marvel/Ippudo t-shirt.

Take a look at some pics of the dishes (via RocketNews24) below:

The Cap dish includes komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) that resembles Hawkeye's arrows, specks of black pepper to stand in for Ant-Man, while Iron Man's dish serves up soft boiled eggs to mirror Stark's arc reactor, a spun edible web to represent Spider-Man and noodles made with carrot to signify Black Widow's hair and a handful of Doritos as a symbol for Black Panther's claws.

All 200 reserved meals have reportedly been booked for the weekend.

(via Nerdist)

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