Choose A Side (of Food) with This Captain America: Civil War Cutting Board

Who needs Infinity Gems when you can have a precious item like this. ThinkGeek is selling a "Captain America: Civil War"-themed cutting board that allows you to cook your meals like a true Avenger. (But, as far as we know, the Vision's the only one who does the cooking.)

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This officially licensed “Captain America: Civil War” cutting board sports Captain America’s shield emblem as a dark stamp over the lighter-color base wood, while the other side sports Iron Man's arc reactor.

Take a look at the board below:

ThinkGeek pitches its board, sold exclusively by them, as a sanitary kitchen tool because it’s made completely of wood, for which you can designate one side for just cutting meat, as to reduce cross contamination. However, the diameter of this disc is only 11”, which is kind of tiny for performing your “Top Chef”-style cutlery skills upon. Having said that, it may be better suited for a medium-sized cake or pie, or that small, frozen pizza you baked for a shameful late-night snack.

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Perhaps for their next Cap-themed cutting board entry, ThinkGeek should swap out the Arc Reactor design with the HYDRA logo...

The “Captain America: Civil War” cutting board is available exclusively at ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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