Chinese police are fed up with walking dead and pooping Gollums

Police in China have had just about enough of reports of zombies, alien corpses and, um, defecating monsters.

The New York Times notes that authorities have been cracking down on social media users who post about sightings of the walking dead, mythical monsters and electrocuted extraterrestrials.

For instance, just this month police in Guangzhou announced the blood-covered woman shown in photos posted on Weibo (sort of a Facebook-Twitter hybrid) is not, in fact a zombie. They also cautioned residents to steer clear of hallucinogens, then snatched up the 21-year-old man who posted the item. He ended up serving 10 days of detention.

It turns out the images were actually from a film being produced in the area.

Then there was the "mythical beast," photographed last year crouching in a rocky ravine in Beijing's Huairou District. Police determined that the creature, which looked like the love child of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings and Dobby from Harry Potter, was really just an actor from a film. All he wanted to do was relieve himself while in costume ... without having his photo spread across the Internet.

But apparently that was just too much to ask for. (See the photo below!)

网传"北京怀柔惊现怪兽"引热议 实为拍科幻微电影(图) pic.twitter.com/fDBd3izyxk

— 江西南昌新闻 (@nanchangxinwen) June 25, 2014

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