'Chimera' animated feature unleased at CCI San Diego

Official Press Release

Through a special arrangement with the Digital Animation And Visual EffectsSchool (a.k.a. the DAVE School), 2003 San Diego Comic-Con attendees will beable to view a six-minute CG animated feature based on CrossGen's sci-ficomic book series CHIMERA. Created by 2003 graduates from the DAVE School,the exclusive film will be shown during the "CrossGen: Tomorrow'sTechnology...Today!" panel (on Friday, July 18th, at 5:00pm in room 1AB) andon plasma monitors in the massive CrossGen booth.

Since opening in 2000 at the Universal Studios Orlando, the DAVE Schooloffers a complete training center in the art and science of computeranimation for television, film and additional mediums. Participating inhands-on demo projects, DAVE students gain real-world experience as theylearn to interact with and deliver solutions for world-renowned creativeclients.

After meeting DAVE School owner Jeff Schultz at the 2002 MegaCon, CrossGenVP of Special Projects Brandon Peterson--who penciled, inked, colored and(with Ron Marz) co-wrote CHIMERA--suggested that the acclaimed mini-serieswould offer the students a challenging and rewarding opportunity. After theproject was secured, Peterson then worked extensively with the students onthe film's production.

"CHIMERA was a very personal project for me, so seeing the characters comealive was thrilling," stated Peterson. "The DAVE School did an excellentjob, and everyone who's seen the trailer has told me how well they capturedthe look, feel and story of the mini-series."

CHIMERA, which will be collected into a graphic novel in November 2003,tells the story of Sara, a supposedly normal woman hunted through the galaxyby the insidious Chimeran Empire. As readers soon discover, Sara's uniquegenetic structure not only makes her a target, but it also makes her aliving weapon. The animated feature shows the resulting explosive battle onthe frozen ice-mining planet of Severan as Sara fights a battalion of theEmpire's armored forces.

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