Chimaera Comics President/Publisher George T. Singley is pleased to announce that CHIMAERA COMICS will be publishing their titles direct to trade in the retail channels through Diamond Comics Distributors.

"With the volume of contacts and requests from fans and retailers to Diamond and ourselves (Chimaera Comics) regarding the launch of our titles and format...we have decided that we are in a unique position (due to how far ahead we are on production) to give the retailers and fans what they have been asking for...Chimaera Comics Direct to Trade! Now our fans won't have to wait months to get a complete story from us on our books...they will have it all in one trade...immediately. We are excited about this direction and look forward to giving the fans and retailers what they asked for...We thank you guys for your support." Says George T Singley.

CHIMAERA COMICS launches its Direct to Trade titles with the series HELLHOUNDS and WARGOD: ABSOLUTION for distribution in retail stores January 2009.

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