Chimaera Comics President/Publisher George T. Singley is pleased and excited to announce that with CHIMAERA COMICS success on Wowio Global...CHIMAERA COMICS will be producing Wowio Exclusive Comic Series to be distributed throughout the world...alongside Chimaera Comics standard retail printing and distribution. "With the thousands of readers we have worldwide now...we wanted to produce exclusive Chimaera Universe content that they could easily get their hands on and is readily available at all times. We have had a great response from Wowio Global and the fans and have exciting Chimaera Comics series underway and ready for distribution." Says George T Singley.

CHIMAERA COMICS launches its Wowio Exclusive titles with the ongoing series VANGUARD TALES! An exciting ongoing collection of Chimaera Universe tales written by various industry pros and illustrated by artists like Freddie E Williams II (Countdown, Flash, Robin, Mister Miracle), Ethen Beavers (Justice League, Mutation, Ben 10, Star Wars), Vinton Heuck (The Batman, Warner Bros.), and many more!

VANGUARD TALES #1 includes 3 dynamic Chimaera Universe Tales..."The Tragedy of TITUS" By George T Singley, Freddie E Williams II, and Mark Winters. "The Origin of The Lone Soldier" By Jim Mitchel, Mike Wilson, and Shaynne Corbett. "Gunship For Hire" By Nicholas Kalapos, Michael Fiamanya, and George T Singley will be a 3 part serial throughout issues. Check it out here for free or download!

VANGUARD TALES #2 includes 3 amazing Chimaera Universe Tales..."The Snowman: Origin" By Ethen Beavers. "Moira: Easy Way Out" By Mark Winters. "Gunship For Hire: The Pirates of Fornax" By Nicholas Kalapos, Michael Fiamanya, and George T Singley will be a 3 part serial throughout issues. Check it out here for free or download!

Chimaera Comics also has other series to read or download on Wowio Global and updates its publishing content for readers weekly to monthly. Check out all our titles such as HELLHOUNDS (with the previously unreleased issue #5), WARGOD, LONEBOW, BASEMENT OF HORRORS, JIM REAPER, and many more slated (MURMURS OF MADNESS, BLAZE ANDERSON:COSMONAUT!, THE BYZANTINE, INTERAGENTS, etc.) for publication immediately! Read all of them here...

George T Singley and Chimaera Studios/Chimaera Comics are represented by Ken F. Levin and the NightSky Agency in all facets of Hollywood and Entertainment. For more info on CHIMAERA COMICS and CHIMAERA STUDIOS and all their properties in Comics, Gaming, and Entertainment, please visit us at www.chimaerastudios.com

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