Chimaera Comics announces new horror imprint: Nightmaera

Official Press Release

CHIMAERA COMICS is proud to announce its newest Imprint Horror Line-- NIGHTMAERA!

"We're incredibly jazzed about the new horror lineup we are about to unleash! There's a lot of creepy, shocking and fear-inspiring tales about to be told by our talented NIGHTMAERA creators. Keep both eyes peeled as newly appointed Editor In Chief of the imprint, Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies, The Secret Cross, Ham & Eggs) and Chimaera Comics PR Director Steven Saunders (The Secret Cross) expand upon this newly launched enterprise," says George T. Singley (President/Publisher Chimaera Comics).

"We're looking at a really impressive line-up of both established and up-and-coming creators who are bringing out a wide-range of books. The horror genre is really being explored in a number of different ways. And by horror, we're not simply going for gore-filled books with no substance. We're testing the genre and mashing it together with other genres to really bring out all of the great things that horror allows us to do. It's taking us in a direction that I don't think Chimaera has really gone yet, which expands upon the vast array of fantastic books we already have," says Stephen Lindsay.

"It's difficult to describe just how enthused I am about this whole new Nightmaera development," Steven Saunders adds, "I mean, the realm of Horror is an ever expanding landscape of ideas and creations driven by and filled with new directions and ideas constantly- unrelentingly, really. Add to this the expanded options available we can offer these extraordinary things in, like iTunes and Amazon's Kindle Book Reader-- two places Chimaera have already successfully delved into-- as well as storming the Internet and your favorite local comic shop, we hope to provide horror fans the world over with some down right terrifyingly excellent entertainment. Plus, it's simply awesome."

Look for the following Horror titles coming soon from Nightmaera Comics!:

- Happy Panda Funtime Show (Stephen Lindsay, Daniel Thollin)

- Robo Death (Stefano Cardoselli, Marco Della Verde, Bill Key)

- Stillborn (Rolf Lejdgård)

- A Violent End (Vinton T. Heuck, Eric Canete, Armando Gill)

- The Secret Cross (Steven Saunders, Stephen Lindsay, Dominic Vivona)

- Plan C (Michael D. Murphy, George T. Singley, Daniel Thollin)

- Abraham's Hell (Daniel Thollin)

For more information about CHIMAERA COMICS and NIGHTMAERA COMICS please visit us at www.chimaerastudios.com

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