Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Cast Offers A Midwinter's Tale Sneak Peek

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Winter's Tale

Netflix is getting downright witchy for the holiday season. Tomorrow, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will launch "A Midwinter's Tale," its first-ever winter special. During a set visit, the cast of the series teased what's in store for Greendale this Christmas, which seems to include some supernatural trouble, a stolen baby and a whole lot of heart.

"The holiday special is really wonderful. It's a really emotional episode and it's beautiful for the holidays. Obviously, the show wouldn't be our show without some excitement and some demons... literally," Sabrina herself Kiernan Shipka teased. "It's action-packed and it's fun, but at the same time, there's a lot of heart and there's a lot of soul to it."

"A lot of the relationships develop in it really beautifully. I think it really fuses the witch world and the mortal world in a really lovely way. It's truly a very, very special episode. I really, really love it. It's, in so many ways, a stand-alone episode. It doesn't get too crazy on plot or this or that. It really just kind of focuses in on the characters and it takes its time. It's super-perfect for the holidays," she added.

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"I think it's super cute. I haven't gotten to see it yet, but we had a lot of fun shooting it and there's some really exciting things that happen with Susie," said Jaz Sinclair, who plays Roz. "So it's a really exciting episode. And for me, I really loved it because I got to play with the Spellmans for the first time. Because I go to their house and I'm like, 'Hey! There's this crazy thing happening! The Cunning told me. By the way, I'm psychic!' So that was really fun for me, because I got to play with Hilda and Zelda for the first time, so I'm pretty pumped about that part of it."

"In my opinion, it has more of that nostalgic kind of feel to it," Lachlan Watson, who plays Susie, shared. "I grew up on Doctor Who and they used to do holiday specials every single year and it just made me so happy that it was just sort of this tradition every year. That it lived within the universe and it lived within the plot, but it was this standalone sort of traditional thing and it just brings me back to sitting around the fire and watching the holiday special with my family. It definitely lives within the same world and the same plot, but it just has that fantastic holiday feel to it which I'm so excited for."

"I don't want to give away too much because you've got to watch it to see it. But I definitely get to run around in a little elf costume the whole time which I am very happy about," they added. "If they watch it just to see me in my little fuzzy hat run around [that would be good]."

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"For my character? Well, where we left off was Harvey and Sabrina's kiss goodbye. So we pick up where that leaves off in their relationship," Harvey actor Ross Lynch explained. "There's not a lot for me in this particular episode, because of those circumstances, but the episode itself is very, very just twisted Christmas, and it's awesome."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm there, but it's pretty minimal," he continued. "Purposefully, because Harvey and Sabrina's relationship just isn't -- it's not the same, so they're not spending as much time together. So yeah, Harvey's not in it as much."

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