Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Casting Harvey, Madame Satan

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With a new year comes new The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina news. Casting breakdowns for the roles of Harvey, Rosalind and Madame Satan were released today, revealing that the three Sabrina characters will be making their way into the Netflix series when it debuts.

The breakdowns are as follows:

"[HARVEY KINKLE]Male, Legal 18 or 18+ to play high school, All Ethnicities. Sabrina's boyfriend, the Prince Charming of this dark fairy tale. Harvey is a young man in a small town starting to figure out his place in the larger world. He is politically minded, idiosyncratic, attractive, charismatic, and fun. Handsome and romantic, Harvey’s also smart, woke, and compassionate. In the present-day, he is part of Greendale’s counter-culture youth. He has no idea that he is descendant from a long line of witchhunters...ASP SERIES REGULAR"

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"[ROSALIND]Female, legal 18 or 18+ to play 16, African American. Rosalind is Sabrina's human best friend. Brash, empowered, and outspoken like her Black Panther parents, Rosalind is keeping a secret from Sabrina and the rest of her classmates—that she is not-so-slowly losing her eyesight, a fact that will put her immortal soul in jeopardy...10/13 SERIES REGULAR"

"[MARY WARDWELL AKA MADAME SATAN]Female, 30s, Diverse. A mousy teacher at Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell is a smart, quirky mentor to Sabrina. However, her persona quickly gets taken over by Madam Satan at the start of the pilot, and she becomes a sultry, cunning manipulator. Essentially the Devil's Handmaiden, Wardwell’s "lessons" are designed to corrupt Sabrina per the Devil's agenda...ASP SERIES REGULAR"

The breakdowns were revealed today by That Hashtag Show, which previously revealed casting descriptions for Sabrina, her aunts Hilda and Zelda and Sabrina's cousin, Ambrose. The breakdowns show that the Spellman family parts are open to all ethnicities; Ambrose's breakdown specifically calls for African-American or Indian-British actors.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a two-season, 20 episode order from Netflix.

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