Child's Play Writer Defends Controversial Sequel, Seed of Chucky

2004's Seed of Chucky is a divisive film. Starring Jennifer Tilly, Redman, and the Chucky-voicing Brad Dourif, the fifth film in the Child's Play franchise took a decisively comedic tone, dividing viewers into two camps: love and hate. Now, the director of the upcoming Cult of Chucky -- the latest film in the franchise, releasing on October 3 -- has sounded off on the beloved (and hated) film, speaking in detail about it on the latest episode of the Shock Waves horror film podcast.

“That’s the one that honestly, its reputation has grown the most, arguably because it had the furthest to go,” writer-director Don Mancini said with regard to the oh-so-controversial Seed of Chucky (Via Entertainment Weekly). “I think that movie is so fundamentally comedic and farcical. It’s a farce. It’s literally a farce."

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He continued, "I mean, slamming doors and all of that. And I think that turned a lot of people off, I guess. I’m sorry! But, as a gay guy, I love the fact that over the years, [to] the people who saw that movie as children, the character of Glen really meant something to them, and that’s very cool. And also, when the subject of Seed of Chucky comes up, I always very defensively have to say, ‘Well, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Wesley Morris loved the movie, so who the f— are you?’ Because I still get tweets from people going, ‘Dude, really looking forward to Cult of Chucky but you must know you really f—ed up Seed of Chucky.'”

Releasing on October 3, Cult of Chucky is a production of Universal 1440 Entertainment written and directed by Don Mancini.

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