Child's Play: Chucky's Most Gruesome Kills

Child's Play

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Child's Play, in theaters now.

Child's Play is a throwback to the goofy and gory slasher horror films that were all the rage during the 1980s and 1990s. While the film does a lot to update the motivations of Chucky (Mark Hamill) and his place in the world, it's still very aware of what it is. The film envisions new ways for Chucky to dispatch the hapless people who end up in his way, ranging from tiny technological tweaks all the way to absolutely morbid moments involving a mulcher running over a man's head.

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Here are all the grisliest deaths in the new Child's Play, and how they happen in the movie.


Shane (David Lewis) technically isn't the first death in Child's Play. The Chinese factory worker who initially meddled with the CPU inside the doll that went on to become Chucky then jumped from a window to his death. Andy (Gabriel Bateman) loses his pet cat after Chucky accidentally misinterprets the boy's angry proclamations when it scratches him, cutting his arm. But Shane is the first outright murder of the film. The jerky new boyfriend of Karen (Aubrey Plaza), he has a troubled relationship with her son Andy. Their relationship is only made worse by Chucky's "pranks" on Shane, who has a short fuse and no patience.

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One night, Andy angrily yells that he just wishes Shane would go away. Sneaking aboard Shane's truck, Chucky follows him to his home. Shane is revealed to actually be married and a father of two little girls. But while he tries to fix the Christmas lights on his house, Chucky knocks his ladder loose. Shane falls to the ground, breaking both of his legs. As he struggles and calls for help, Chucky activates a mulcher and advances it towards Shane. Although Shane is briefly able to hold it in place, Chucky advances on him with a knife and stabs him in the chest. This forces Shane to loosen his grip, resulting in his head being sucked into the mulcher and reduced to a pile of gore. For added effect, Chucky then steals his face, ala Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- a horror movie referenced earlier in the film.


Gabe (Trent Redekop) is the creepy superintendent of the apartment building Andy and Karen move into. He goes through the garbage of all of his tenants, looking for technology he can tinker with. He's also set up a series of hidden cameras around the building, giving him the ability to watch anyone with ease. He's seen using this in the most disgusting way possible at one point, watching Karen prepare for a shower. So it's not all that sad when he dies a pretty objectively horrible death.

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He finds Chucky in the garbage after Andy and his friends pull out his battery core out and toss him away. Thinking he could maybe sell the doll for some money online, Gabe repairs the doll while joking about how he's going to see what makes Chucky tick. After restoring Chucky, Gabe quickly becomes his next victim. He has perhaps the most drawn-out death in the film, as Chucky uses everything in the workshop, even a Roomba to attack him. Eventually, Gabe is left hanging over a table saw, which Chucky activates. Trying to hang on to the pipes above him, Chucky heats them up. Hands burning, Gabe is forced to let go and falls directly onto the saw.


Doreen (Carlease Burke) is the kindly old neighbor to Andy and Karen. Her son Mike (Brian Tyree Henry) often visits her, and the pair have a relationship that's similar to what Andy has with Karen. But Chucky sees Doreen as just another roadblock to him being Andy's best friend. After watching a video of Andy happily eating dinner with Doreen and Mike, Chucky targets Doreen. Despite Andy's best attempts, she's still picked up in an automated car that Chucky controls.

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Chucky drives her to the Bingo Night with her friends but quickly turns the car against her. Doreen is whipped around the small parking lot, unable to stop the car or escape. Chucky also makes sure she can't use her seatbelt when he crashes the car into a parked vehicle. But even that wasn't enough to kill Doreen. Instead, Chucky is forced to take matters into his own hands, crawling into the car with a knife and stabbing her repeatedly. Her body is left at the scene of the crime and is later investigated by a heartbroken Mike.


Karen works at a large Wal-Mart-esque store as a cashier. While the film doesn't spend time with many of her co-workers, it does spend some time introducing Wes (Amro Majzoub). Wes is one of her managers, a perpetually put-upon co-worker who is casually engaging in an affair with one of his employees. He's not necessarily a bad person, but he's certainly not a good guy either.

Wes ends up having the most comical death, as it takes multiple attacks from Chucky to kill him. Initially, he dons a Buddi costume during a massive sale to drum up attention. His limited mobility in the giant false head gives Chucky an easy way to stab him in the throat. Although this does lead to a lot of bleeding, Wes is shown to survive the attack. But when Karen pushes Mike out of the way of a drone strapped with knives, the flying death machine flies directly into Wes' chest. Despite his earlier attempts to save him, it's unlikely Mike was able to save him from that one.

Directed by Lars Klevberg from a script by Tyler Burton Smith, Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, Tim Matheson and Mark Hamill. The film opens on June 21.

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