Child's Play Reboot Reveals First Look at Chucky

After months of speculation, the newly designed Chucky for the upcoming Child's Play reboot has officially been unveiled by Orion Pictures.

In a darkened image, the Buddi doll appears standing in the shadows with his signature overalls and sweater and clutching a large chef's knife. While the red hair and freckles are still present, the hair is considerably less unkempt than the original design. Additionally, the color scheme of the sweater has been slightly altered and the killer doll's soulless blue eyes are now a bright, fiery red.

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All of the promotional materials leading up the reveal had obscured or outright hidden the new version of Chucky, with the trailer only offering glimpses of the reimagined horror movie icon; the doll usually just out of frame.

Now revealed, the new, terrifying version of the pint-sized serial killer toy is officially back and ready to strike terror in a new generation of movie audiences.

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Directed by Lars Klevberg from a script by Tyler Burton Smith, Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, Tim Matheson and Mark Hamill. The film is set to hit theaters June 21.

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